Today’s Lady News: 14-Year-Old Girl Can Spell “Cymothichous” (And You Can’t)

  • Sukanya Roy, 14, won the Scripps National Spelling Bee last night. Sukanya is the 46th female to win and the fourth consecutive Indian-American. Sukanya’s winning word was “cymothichous,” which is Greek for “wavy-haired.” Congratulations! [The Mary Sue]
  • Melinda Hernandez, 30, was a juror in the controversial trial that acquitted NYPD’s “rape cops” last week. A self-described feminist, Hernandez spoke with Women’s eNews about how the jury came to their “not guilty” verdict and her anguish that there was not enough evidence to put the cops behind bars. “I was a juror and I am a feminist. This was devastating to me,” Hernandez said. “But I had to do my job and be fair and impartial. A person is innocent until proven guilty. The burden — and it is a burden — remains on the victim. Perhaps if there were women demonstrating outside the courthouse every day it may have helped the jurors be more aware and more conscious of their verdicts. Who knows?” [Womens eNews]

  • How much does machismo in a culture affect its prevalence of rape? [Salon]
  • Everyone is excited that Jill Abramson, managing editor for The New York Times, has been appointed the paper’s new executive editor. The Nation and the London Guardian both weigh in on how Abramson is the first-ever female to hold the position. [The Nation, Guardian UK]
  • A repeat sex offender has been apprehended in the sexual assault of an octogenarian woman on NYC’s Upper East Side. Excuse me while I go scream into my pillow about why repeat sex offenders should not be let out from behind bars. [Gothamist]
  • Anna Holmes, the founder of the ladyblog Jezebel, spotlights the work of female Freedom Riders who advanced the civil rights cause. [Washington Post]
  • On quality lesbian teen literature — or lack thereof. [Idiom Mag]
  • Geeky nurseries for baby girls! [The Mary Sue]