Palazzo Pants Make A Return … Let’s Rejoice?

I remember 1993 like it was yesterday. CeCe Peniston was a “few-hit wonder,” and if you weren’t into grunge fashion, then you probably decked yourself out in the glamorous ’70s look that was in vogue at the time. Spurred along by pop singers like CeCe, palazzo pants had a major moment in ’93. They were a super roomy hybrid of bell bottoms and wide leg pants … and were extremely comfy. But I never expected this trend to get a redux because, well, maxi skirts are just as roomy and don’t remind folks of culottes. In a weird twist of fashion, it seems the industry’s obsession with maxi skirts has brought back the palazzo. Just check out the breezy pants Club Monaco’s public relations coordinator Tansu Akman-Duffy wore to work (left) and the wide-as-sails pair Karen of the “Where Did You Get That” style blog wore for a photo series. These looks show that palazzo pants can be both sophisticated and whimsy. But I’m not entirely convinced regular women, especially those of us who are vertically challenged, should jump on the palazzo bandwagon. Just think of all the dirt that will accumulate at the hem.

What do you think? Are you ready and willing to break out the palazzo pants again?