Model Sues Estee Lauder Over Bad Photoshopping

We know that virtually every image we see in print has had a little Photoshop magic worked on it, but it’s easy to forget just how much. Former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Caroline Forsling is here to remind us. She is currently suing Estee Lauder over an ad she appeared in for Origins Plantscription, an “anti-aging serum.” The stuff is meant for mature skin—but Forsling is only 35. The ad shows Forsling’s face without makeup, one side supposedly treated with Plantscription and the other side without it. Check out the ad above on the left. On the right, the way we’re used to seeing Forsling.

She is calling foul.First of all, she says the makeup-free photo was used without her permission. It was apparently taken last year when she did test shots for another Estee Lauder brand. But beyond that, Caroline says she never used Plantscription and, even worse, that both the “before” and “after” sides of the image have been Photoshopped to make her look older than she actually is. She says the image has irrevocably hurt her modeling career and she is suing for $2 million in damages.

What do you think—does Forsling have a case here? Regardless, it’s a great reminder why we can’t believe product hype in commercials.

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