“Bachelorette” Villain Alert: Bentley Sounds Like A Sociopath, Chris Harrison Defends Casting Him

This season on “The Bachelorette,” there is a guy who makes Wes Hayden—the one who was so, so proud of himself for making it pretty far with Jillian Harris when he actually had a girlfriend—look like a nice guy. Bentley Williams is a divorced businessman from Salt Lake City with a daughter, and even though Ashley Hebert got a warning about him before he even stepped out of the limo, he’s the guy she’s falling for super hard. To Ashley’s face, Bentley is a doting dad. But to the camera, Bentley is downright nasty. “I can tell you right now it’s not going to work. She’s just not my type. I, to be honest with you, could almost care less,” he said. “Things could have turned out differently if the Bachelorette was Emily.” As in Emily Maynard, who Brad Womack ended up picking last season.

In the second episode of the season, things got worse.Bentley said that Ashley’s only good qualities were her “great butt” and “rocking legs,” and that he’d like Ashley to “tickle my ________.” (Yeah, what did he actually say there? It got beeped out.) But still, Bentley went full force into wooing Ashley because “the competition makes it exciting.” On their group date, Ashley begs Bentley to stay on the show if he feels anything for her because, “I feel something for you.” At the rose ceremony, Bentley picks Ashley up, takes her to the fireplace and kisses her. Off camera, he says their makeup session was terrible.

Overall, these scenes were hard to watch. It sucks to see a woman who just can’t tell the guy in front of her is a total douchebag. It made me want to jump through the screen, shake her, and tell her she was getting played.

(From here on out, SPOILER ALERT.)

Things come to a head next week. In the sneak peek above, Ashley says she is in love with Bentley. “There’s something about him that’s so sincere. I just know that he’s my guy,” she says. “If it was up to me, I would grab Bentley and take off to Salt Lake City.”

Meanwhile, Bentley packs his bags to go. “I’ve been saying since the beginning she’s just not my type. All I want to do is be on the first plane back,” he says. “All these guys know I’m the frontrunner. She’s more into me than anyone else … I had the opportunity and I played everyone. That’s something that’s never been done before … I’m going to make Ashley cry. I hope my hair looks okay.”

I just don’t get it. Why waste weeks, even days or hours of your life, just for the purpose of being a dick? This makes me think Bentley is a sociopath. And how does someone like him—or Wes for that matter—get so freaking cocky, anyway? He is far from the most interesting guy in the house. Far from the most accomplished. Far from the best looking. Even the way he mumbles is gross. And yet, he’s so sure of himself that Ashley falls for it hook, line, and sinker. It’s actually scary to watch.

All this has people criticizing “The Bachelorette” for letting Bentley continue on. And today, Chris Harrison defended the situation to People. “[Bentley] obviously didn’t say all those derogatory things in casting. He might have said, ‘It would be cool if it was Emily.’ He obviously didn’t say, ‘If it’s Ashley, I’m going to use and destroy her,'” said Chris. “If you have information about a guy before he even gets out of the limo, that’s beyond a red flag. We gave [Ashley] the option and said, ‘You don’t have to meet this guy. We can pull him.’ It was her job to say no.”

Chris says that if Bentley had chosen to stick around longer, he’s not sure what would have happened. “I don’t know … if we would have finally just shown her his interviews. Everyone has had a friend in this situation. If you’ve ever known anyone completely smitten with someone, you know that nothing you say makes a difference. She just didn’t want to believe that Bentley was like that because he was the caring, sweet, doting single dad in front of her.”

And Chris swears the situation wasn’t milked to get better ratings. “We didn’t put this guy in there to draw out drama,” he says. “People give us too much credit. This doesn’t turn out to be a good thing for us or Ashley. We almost had to shut down production. If it was two or three weeks later, we probably wouldn’t have finished.”

What do you think of the whole Bentley situation? Does this make you more or less interested in “The Bachelorete?”


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