10 Pics We’d Rather Look At Than Your Bulge

In the wake of Weinergate, perhaps it would be an appropriate time to make a confession to the men of the world. Dick pics don’t really turn us on all that much. In the universe of nudie photos, bulges, hard-ons and the like don’t do the same thing for us that vaginas and boobs do for you. Sorry, to break the news, guys. We are turned on by the thought of you rubbing one out in our honor, but women are not as visual. We don’t need to see the evidence. According to an article in The Washington Post, a study found that dick pics do nothing for women, sexually speaking. Researchers found that men operate under the golden rule of sexting, “I think it’s hot, you should too.” But they are amiss in their logic. The kind of things that turn us on are way different. When women were polled about what kind of pics would get them all hot and bothered, some answers included a man folding laundry, a home cooked meal, and a guy’s alphabetized bookshelf. Um, yes. Sexy! After the jump, some pics you fellas out there could send us that would get you laid for sure.

  1. Your hand slowly caressing the dishwasher as you unload it.
  2. Visual evidence of you putting the toilet seat down after a piss.
  3. A photo of some expensive jewelry or shoes you think would look dazzling on us.
  4. Taking the dog for a walk with the caption, “We miss you!”
  5. You naked … with a mop.
  6. At the grocery store loading our favorite ice cream into the cart.
  7. Washing the car with your shirt off.
  8. An artsy photo of you paying the bills on time.
  9. The breakfast in bed you are planning to make us this weekend.
  10. Buying us a lovely bouquet of peonies.

What kind of pics would you like to receive from your man? Tell us in the comments. And, by all means, ladies who do love to receive dick pics, feel free to defend them! [Coming right up… — Editor Amelia]

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