8 Things Justin Timberlake And Ashley Olsen Have In Common

So, it appears that Justin Timberlake and Ashley Olsen may be dating. “They are hooking up,” a bud tells Us Weekly. Apparently, the two have been seen together several times recently—at a “Saturday Night Live” after-party, at the Greenwich Hotel, at a polo match, and at two Broadway shows. Yes, this seems like an odd coupling—but I kind of like it.

After the jump, some things these two have in common.

  1. They both started their careers exceptionally young. Ashley was nine months old when she was cast as Michelle Tanner on “Full House.” And Justin appeared on “Star Search” at age 11.
  2. Both went on to become tweenage superstars. Ashley founded a straight-to-video moguldom alongside her sister Mary-Kate. Meanwhile, Justin did “The Mickey Mouse Club” and N’SYNC, alongside girlfriend Britney Spears.
  3. They both have clothing lines. Justin’s is called William Rast, while Ashley works on The Row with her sister. Oh, and also runs the line Elizabeth & James.
  4. They both have fair hair and gray eyes.
  5. They both went through breakups in the same month. He split from Jessica Biel while she and Justin Bartha of “The Hangover” called it quits.
  6. They both have an affinity for nerdy black glasses. You know, the cool kind.
  7. They’re both into golf.
  8. Both have tried to transition into acting careers as adults. Ashley did the movie “New York Minute” with, who else, her sister. Meanwhile, Justin has become a bonafide leading guy with roles in “The Social Network” and “Bad Teacher.”

What do you think of this new pairing?