Welcome To Weinergate

In case you are not already acquainted, meet Anthony Weiner, a Democratic Congressman from New York. On Friday, a strange image appeared on his Twitter feed—a photo of a man’s crotch in a pair of underwear taken on a Blackberry. The image was addressed to a 21-year-old student in Seattle named Gennette Cordova (who says she never met the Congressman, though is a fan) but was visible to all Weiner’s followers. “I was pranked, I was hacked, I was punked,” Weiner explained when the press caught wind of the story. “Someone sent out the picture. I’m an easy name to make fun of, and I think that’s what happened .. I didn’t send that picture out. I can’t say with certitude [the picture isn’t me]. Pictures can be manipulated.” Weiner explained that he had hired a private security firm to look into the hacking and where the photo came from. “We’re treating it as a prank, not treating it as a national security invasion or anything,” he said. He also said that hackers have attempted to access his Facebook and Twitter accounts before.

At first, Weiner seemed defensive here. But as yesterday wore on, he seemed to take a new tactic—making peen jokes. And he has gotten in some pretty good ones, which I guess shouldn’t be too surprising considering that the man has had the last name Weiner all his life. After the jump, his best jabs. When being questioned by reporters:

“I’m sorry I was a little stiff yesterday.”

To Rachel Maddow last night:

“Whether the photograph is me? Am I allowed to say I wish?”

On MSNBC, answering the question of whether this is something Capitol police should be investigating:

“I’m not sure it rises—no pun intended—to that level.”

Again, when questioned by reporters:

“Maybe it will turn out that this is the point of al Qaeda’s sword. The jokes kind of write themselves.”

And I’ll add in a Jon Stewart joke, just for kicks:

“The only thing this man [in the picture] and Anthony Weiner have in common is that they both lean to the extreme left.”

Here’s hoping this scandal goes away as it seems pretty clear what happened. I’d hate to see a prank discredit a politician who has spent his career building credibility.

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