Elizabeth Taylor And Richard Burton’s Love Story To Become A Movie

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton had one of the most tumultuous celebrity romances of all time. I mean, not so many couples get divorced twice—you know? Elizabeth and Richard first met in 1962 while she played everyone’s favorite lady pharaoh and he took on the role of Marc Antony in “Cleopatra.” They were both married to other people at the time, but their intense chemistry was too much to resist and they began an affair. Two years later, they married. But things weren’t happily ever, as seems pretty obvious when you see them in “Who’s Afraid of Virgina Woolf?”—it’s like their intense love/hate of each other seemed to ooze off-screen. In 1974, they divorced, only to remarry 16 months later. A year after that, they were dunzo for real.

Elizabeth and Richard’s story was captured in the book Furious Love. And now it has been optioned by Paramount Pictures. Even better, Martin Scorcese is set to direct the pic. There is so much juice to Elizabeth and Richard’s romance that I really cannot wait to see it come alive the big screen. (Who should star in it? Give your opinion in the comments section.) And I have a feeling that Scorcese, who made “The Aviator” about Howard Hughes’ life and has long been obsessed by the twisted tales of golden age Hollywood, will do an amazing job with the tale. Not to mention the fact that these two characters are just fascinating—between them, Elizabeth and Richard had a whopping 13 marriages. (Eight of them were hers.)

What do you think—are you excited for this zygote of a movie?

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