Ask The Man Panel: Fishy Fashion

Betsey Johnson is known for her crazy prints, and this “fish jacquard tunic dress” is certainly no exception. My first thought? Betsey might want to consult this flowchart to better understand the definition of a “dress.” Second thought? I’d love to know what the Man Panel thinks about this thing…
Kyle, 22: That’s the ugliest aquarium ever.

Nick, 25: I’ve always wondered why fashion and marine wildlife had never joined forces. This is the result, and strangely enough I kind of like it.

Damien, 34: Oh good, ’80s fashion is back! I’m glad we have a second chance to make it worse.

Henry, 27: What a total piece of carp. Ba-dum-clash!

Scott, 26: Honestly, I like it a lot. I buy stuff like this in thrift stores all the time.

Doug, 23: Why on earth would someone pay $201 for this?!

Cory, 24: This is not a Tunic Dress. It’s an oversized ’80s sweatshirt that your mom’s sister refuses to wear anymore.

Devin, 21: Hope remains that anyone wearing this will quickly be eaten by a grizzly bear.

Paul, 31: I’m reminded of the Mr. T fashion show. If you haven’t seen it, simply imagine Mr. T saying, “Something’s fishy ’round here! But Sammie is looking sassy in salmon. This little minx has all the bait she needs to hook any tomcat.”

Alec, 26: Apparently Betsy Johnson has a strict catch-and-release policy on self-respect.