Who Should Mark-Paul Gosselaar Date Next?

Let’s all just admit it—Mark-Paul Gosselaar, aka Zack Morris, is the cutest and we’ve all had a crush on him since the days of “Saved by the Bell.” Just this morning, I read that in an interview for Maxim, he was asked what he say if he encountered Becky the Duck in the afterlife. He responded, “This is the place where oil can’t hurt you.” Awwww.

I also read today that Mark-Paul is once again a single man. His divorce from Lisa Ann Russell, an actress he met on the set of “Saved by the Bell: The College Years,” has been finalized and they are dunzo after 14 years. I’m sure Mark-Paul is dealing with a lot of mixed feelings at the moment, but we thought we’d take a minute to suggest some people for him to date, when he’s ready to get back out there.

  1. I’m not sure exactly why, but I think he and Sandra Bullock would be amazing together. Plus, Mark-Paul is a good dad.
  2. Duh. He and Kelly Kapowski were meant to be. I don’t care if Tiffani (Amber) Thiessen is married—you cannot stand in the way of fate.
  3. Or maybe he could mix things up and go for Lark Voorhies, aka Lisa Turtle, if she’s single?
  4. Mary-Kate Olsen, since they both have hyphenated first names.
  5. He had that steamy sex scene with Mary Louise Parker on “Weeds.” Maybe they should try it in real life.
  6. Pippa Middleton. Just sayin…
  7. Blake Lively. Recently whenever a hot, famous guy is newly single (Ryan Reynolds, Leonardo DiCaprio), she’s been seen with him shortly after.
  8. Or our own Ami. She’s a huge fan.
  9. Jennifer Aniston, perhaps? He could be her version of a Katie Holmes.
  10. Or wait, he would look mighty fine with Courteney Cox at his side.

Who do yo think Mark-Paul should date?

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