What Are Your Half Year Resolutions?

Happy June 1st, y’all. I’m not exactly sure how time is sprinting by so freaking fast, but we have already almost reached the half point of 2011. [The half point, I guess, would maybe be July 1? Six months completed, six months to go? Whatever. — Editor] Which makes today a great day to push the reboot button and think about things you’d like to change going forward. Last year, I decided to make some Half Year Resolutions on June 1st because, well, why should January 1st have all the fun? After the jump, my very random list of Half Year Resolutions. Now, share yours in the comments section.

  • Go to the beach as frequently as possible this summer.
  • During the aforementioned beach trips, take at least one surfing lesson in 2011.
  • Set aside one weeknight every week to work on a new book proposal. Yes, it seems daunting to be at the 0 percent completed point of a new project but the only way to begin is to … begin.
  • Read more books instead of so many magazines.
  • Listen to more RadioLab. I love that show.
  • Get back in the habit of going to swim team practice every Tuesday morning before work. I joined the team a few years ago, but have gotten so lazy about it in the past year.
  • Drink more iced tea.

Your turn!

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