Forever 21 Pulls “I’m Too Pretty To Do Math” Magnet From Online Store

Way to perpetuate the myth that girls suck at math, Forever 21.

The retailer pulled a dopey magnet that says “I’m too pretty to do math” after complaints. Dr. Jennifer Shewmaker, who runs a media literacy non-profit for kids, posted on her Facebook page that a friend of hers complained to Forever 21 about the sexist magnets and the store actually pulled the item from According to her Facebook wall, the company wrote:

“We apologize if the magnet offended you in any way. We have received numerous emails regarding this item and it has been forwarded to upper management for review. However, please note that the item has since been taken off our website for purchase.”

Indeed, if you search for it on Google, the magnet has been removed. But I’m assuming that since Forever 21 only specified that it’s been “taken off our website,” the magnet is still for sale in stores. That’s beyond disrespectful to their predominantly female customers and perpetuating a stereotype that’s already running rampant. (And trust me, I hate and totally suck at math, so I’m not defending my beloved academic interest here.) There’s absolutely no justification for equating one’s appearance with one’s ability — not even a “joke.” (By way of comparison, would “I’m too black to get a job” ever fly on a magnet for sale in any store? No freakin’ way.)

Shame on you, Forever 21.

[Facebook: Dr. Jennifer Shewmaker’s Operation Transformation]
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