Coming Soon To A Theater Near You: An Apatowian Christian Comedy?

First Judd Apatow produced “Bridesmaids,” a decidedly girly movie co-written by Kristen Wiig. And now, it looks like others are interested in taking the Apatowian sense of humor—gross-out comedy, adults in arrested adolescence—and transplant it to an unexpected demographic. And thus, we have “The Waiting Game,” a pro-abstinence flick for the Christian set. In other words, it’s a “sexless comedy about sex.” The flick will star Candace Cameron and it even has a cameo by Ted Haggard, the pastor of the New Life Church in Colorado who was brought down after it was revealed he paid a gay masseuse for sex. “I love all the Judd Apatow movies—’40 Year Old Virgin,’ ‘Knocked Up,’ ‘Superbad’—they’re all great,” says producer/writer Rich Praytor. “So we wanted to take something like that into the Christian arena.”

The two have a script and even made a trailer for the movie. Now they’re hoping to raise $2 million to actually make the whole thing.

What do you think—is this a brilliant idea or crazy? And will you see the final product?

[Colorado Springs Gazette]

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