What To Wear To Officiate A Wedding

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When my friends Rachel and Scott were planning their wedding, they weren’t sure who should perform the ceremony. They’re not religious, and the whole production was taking place in her parents’ backyard. One day, she jokingly said, “Hey Winona, maybe you should do it.” Then we stopped laughing, I got ordained online, and the rest is history. As more and more couples tap their friends and family members to officiate their weddings, we amateur reverends have to figure out what to wear. The minute Rachel ruled out the option of a Gandalf robe, I started a frantic search, and didn’t settle on my outfit — a simple black blouse and a patterned A-line skirt — until the day before the ceremony.Obviously the details of your ensemble will depend on the formality of the wedding and the vision of the bride and groom (certain couples might mandate a Gandalf robe), but remember: the perfect officiating outfit will be comfortable, credible, and consistent with the tone of the ceremony. Click through for a few ideas…
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