Reality TV Repeat Offenders: Stars The Networks Love, Even If We Don’t

There’s some very promising summer TV coming our way, and then there’s some lazy, regurgitated shlock that makes me groan.

Why? Because some of the networks’ newest reality shows don’t just feature concepts we’ve seen before, but the stars are recycled as well. And we really didn’t even like some of them the first (or second, or third) go-round!
Now this isn’t an excuse to pick on people for the sake of being mean — some of you may be excited to see Paris Hilton on your TV again. (Go ahead and raise your hands if that’s the case. Go on. Oh, no one? Nice work, smart people, you passed the test!)

This is just a fair and honest question: Why do the same people keep getting reality shows? And are they destined (or doomed) to be stuck in reality hell forever? Take a look at this list, and tell me if I missed anyone who you’re overloaded on. Read more…