Lindsay Lohan Begins House Arrest. 9 Things She Can Do In The Next 120 Days.

Lindsay Lohan began serving her 120-day house arrest on Thursday. Sources say that she has some big plans for the next four months and is looking at the house arrest as a “time to relax, focus on her recovery and figure out her new game plan for her life and career.” Apparently, in addition to reading lots of scripts, Lindsay plans to take up painting while she is on sorta lockdown. According to TMZ, she’s purchased lots of canvases and some oil paints to get her started.

We love the idea of Lindsay using her house arrest for good. In fact, we want her to make this an incredibly productive period in her life. So after the jump, 10 things we’d like to see her do on house arrest.

  1. Learn how to do nail art, so she can improve on those “f**k u” nails from last year.
  2. Forget about reading scripts. Why doesn’t she go ahead and write one, a la Kristen Wiig or Jason Segel?
  3. Gets to sewing and create a better-fitting pair of junderpants to add to her 6126 leggings line.
  4. Learn to play the ukelele.
  5. Watch every mob movie ever made and start going method to prepare for her role as Kim Gotti in “Gotti: Three Generations.”
  6. Pen an epic love poem to Samantha Ronson to try to win her back.
  7. Take an online architecture class and draw the plans for her soon-to-be-launched rehab center chain.
  8. Watch all five seasons of “The Wire” so she can be entertained while also learning what happens to criminals who aren’t privileged.
  9. Get started on her inevitable memoir.

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