I Know I Really Like Someone If …

The other night, the guy I’m dating asked me to hang out. We went to the movies, shared some popcorn, held hands. It was sweet. A solid date with a dude I like. Good stuff. As we were leaving, I asked, “Where to next?”

“I thought we could go to a sports bar and catch the end of the Bulls/Heat game,” he suggested. “Are you cool with that?”

He looked at me, waiting for my reaction. I froze. Those who know me well know that I HATE sports. I hate watching them, playing them, talking about them. Sports are just not my thing. This guy knows that too. I was ready to say “hell no!,” to crinkle my nose in a “bitch, please!” fashion. “Sure. Sounds good,” I answered instead.

I couldn’t believe those words came out of my mouth.

Dang. I must really like him. If I am willing to sit in a sports bar eating wings and drinking beer while revelers hoot and holler like feral animals just to make a gent happy, then I am 100 percent into him. And as a side note, I actually enjoyed myself. But don’t tell anyone.

So, when do you know you have it bad for someone?

Fill in the blank in the comment section: “I know I really like someone if ___________________ .”