And The Prize Goes To … The Ultimate Summer Beach Bag Essential!

Sigh. Seriously, I think the hardest part of my job is picking the winners for our various giveaways. You guys post such awesome answers, I end up having to seek second and third opinions on who should take home the booty. Last week, I asked you to tell me your ultimate summer beach bag essentials, and the commenter with the best/most creative answer would score a limited edition Hayden-Harnett scarf and an autographed copy of Brenda Novak’s Inside. All of your answers certainly gave me great ideas for what I should throw in my beach bag this weekend (it’s gonna be 80 degrees and sunny, holla!). But when it came to picking a winner, I had to go with the commenter who had the most unique story behind their ultimate beach bag necessity. Check out the winning comment, after the jump! Commenter ElS wrote:

An essential for my beach bag is a pen and paper, and there’s a story behind it. A large number of years ago in my early adolescence, a cute older boy who was digging in the sand with his sister started to chat me up. We made a huge sand castle together and talked well into the evening on the beach. When I had to go, he asked me for my number so we could get together before he went home that weekend. He didn’t have a phone on him and mine had run out of battery. After searching through my bag and asking anyone for some sort of writing utensil, we both came up empty handed, parted ways and never saw each other again, even though I scoured the beach for him for the next three days. Now there is always a small pad of paper and a pen in my beach bag, along with sunscreen, sunglasses, floppy hats and a good beach read.

I’m never going to the beach without a pen and paper again. Congrats EIS and thanks to everyone for participating!