6 Concepts For Pippa Middleton’s New TV Show

Pippa Middleton’s backside is already famous. If The Enquirer’s sources are accurate, we may be seeing a whole lot more of P-Middy from the front. Word on the ‘bloid circuit is that Oprah Winfrey is pursuing Pippa to become daytime royalty at OWN. Yes, you read that correctly, Pippa Middleton may get her OWN talk show. After the jump, some concepts for Pippa’s talk show, if it’s really happening, that is. [Celebitchy]

  1. “Your Best Bum.” A fitness show with a focus on getting the best butt you can. Pippa would experiment with different fitness regimes, interview health gurus, and invite celeb guests like Gwyneth Paltrow to cook organic meals or Madonna to teach a yoga class.
  2. “Inside The Castle.” Pippa reports on the most up-to-date gossip from inside the royal family. What’s it like to be a lady in waiting? What is the thread count of Kate and Willy’s sheets? Pippa knows. And she’s ready to dish.
  3. “My New Sister.” Now that Kate is a Duchess, Pippa needs a new, non-royal sis. In this competition-style reality show, girls compete in weekly challenges to become the newest member of the Middleton clan.
  4. “Lady In Waiting For Love.” We follow Pippa on her search for a hubby of her own.
  5. “My Big Fat Royal Confession.” We’ve all done something embarrassing, like get drunk and take topless pics. Pippa provides a safe haven for people who are ready to confess their embarrassing deeds on television.
  6. “The Pippa Life.” We follow Pippa and her best lady pal as they hob nob with London’s social elite.

What kind of show would you like to see Pippa star in?