5 Reasons I’m Psyched Kyle Chandler Is On This Magazine Cover

Ahhhhh, what a wonderful magazine cover. When I walked to the newsstand today and saw Kyle Chandler’s face staring at me with his gruff, signature, “don’t you know how to throw a football” look, I felt instantly compelled to buy the June issue of Men’s Journal even though, well, I’m not the target audience. Kyle, who stars in “Friday Night Lights” isn’t the type of actor you see on magazine covers often, so I’m pumped that Men’s Journal decided to go with him. After the jump, five reasons this makes me happy.

  1. He’s hot, but in a really normal guy way. I love how his face just oozes sincerity.
  2. He’s been so incredible as coach Eric Taylor through the five seasons of “FNL” that I’m shocked he’s never won an Emmy.
  3. He is also in the movie I am perhaps the most excited to see this summer, Steven Speilberg and J.J. Abram’s “Super 8.”
  4. I’m wondering if he signed some sort of exclusivity agreement with “FNL” because this is only the second movie he’s done since becoming Eric Taylor. I like that he’s not in too many things, so you get super excited when his face appears.
  5. According to the Men’s Journal article, he rides a motorcycle and left Los Angeles for a ranch in Texas. Which I think is hot. And speaking of hot, he’s apparently a volunteer fireman!

Are you a Kyle fan?

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