12 Female Celebrities Who Enjoy Hunting

hunting rosie jpg
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley may be the Victoria’s Secret model who replaced Megan Fox in the latest incarnation of “Transformers.” But in her heart, she’s just a country girl from rural England. In the latest issue of Complex magazine, Rosie talks about landing the role in “Transformers” (apparently, Michael Bay had directed her in a Victoria’s Secret commercial and liked her) as well as about life on her parents farm, where she was often the one to shoot the livestock. “I know where my food comes from. I don’t get sad ’cause you don’t build relationships with those animals,” she said. “I’m a farm girl; there’s the pigs, that’s the dog that I play with and love, but it’s the pig that’s gonna be in the freezer next month.” [Huffington Post]

Lately, it feels like a lot of celebrity women have been talking about hunting and farming. After the jump, some other famous female hunters.

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