Today’s Lady News: MSNBC Suspends Commentator One Week Without Pay For “Slut” Comments

  • MSNBC’s Ed Schultz was suspended for one week for calling talk radio host Laura Ingraham a “slut” twice on air. Sigh. There are many ways to call out Ingraham for her backwards politics. Calling her a slut shouldn’t be one of them. [The Wrap]
  • How much good did Oprah Winfrey do in her 25 years on air? While she did raise awareness about domestic violence, gay rights, eating disorders, and AIDS, she also devoted a hell of a lot of time shilling products that would make us fabulous and talking about weight loss. [Women In Media & News]
  • A Texas judge plans to void the marriage of a transgender woman, whose firefighter husband died last year on the job, so she cannot access his death benefits. The widow was born a man and because Texas does not recognize same-sex marriage, her husband’s family does not think she’s entitled to the money. Ugh, do any of these people have a heart? [Newser]

  • A retired agent has been successful in lawsuit against the DEA for purposefully discriminating against its female agents. [ABC News]
  • How did having an abortion saved this woman’s life? []
  • Here’s a Texas rape victim who refused to cheer for her rapist, a player on the football team, should not have to pay the legal fees it cost her school to defend itself for kicking her off cheer squad. []
  • Essence, a lifestyle magazine for black woman, is under fire from readers for losing its original focus. [Black Voies]
  • “The Hurt Locker”‘s Kathryn Bigelow, the first-ever woman to win an Oscar for directing, has been greenlit for a film about Osama bin Laden. [Paste Magazine]
  • Veteran Jessica Kenyon and the ACLU are pressing the military to cover the cost of abortion after a soldier is raped. Kenyon said the military dropped her after she was raped by a fellow soldier because she was not able to get an abortion on her overseas base and had to fly home. [AP]
  • Meet the women who’ve lady-ified the Indy 500. [Sports Illustrated]
  • Are female-only cycling events good for women or patronizing? Lady-cyclists, I hope you’ll weigh in in the comments. [Guardian UK]
  • Bisexual singer Vanessa Carlton on coming out. [After Ellen]


  • New York Times op-ed columnist Nicholas Kristof on witnessing a brothel raid in India, during which teen girls and women forced into sex work are finally freed. [New York Times]
  • British politicians are none too pleased the Girls Gone Wild bus has rolled into their country. [The Sun UK]
  • The first-ever museum in recorded in history, located in the neo-Babylonian empire in the city of Ur, was started by a woman, Princess Ennigaldi. Very cool! [The Mary Sue]
  • Check out this transcript of Michelle Obama’s speech at the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School for girls in the UK. [Guardian UK]

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