Name That Kardashian Novel!

It’s a big day for the Kardashian klan. Not only is Kim engaged—and to Kris Humphries, whose name conveniently begins with a ‘K’—but Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe just announced that they’ve written their first novel. Kim blogged, “We are releasing a novel with William Morrow and we want you to name it! The novel is based on our lives but we’ve added a lot of crazy fictional twists and turns. You’ll have to decide for yourself which story lines are true to life, and which ones we dreamed up. LOL.” That could make for a good drinking game.

But life gets even more exciting. Apparently, the sisters are holding a contest to name the book. Kourtney writes, “One lucky fan will get to name the novel… so what do you think we should name it?” Khloe got even more specific. “All you have to do to enter is follow @HarperCollins and then tweet your 2 or 3-word title suggestions in ALL CAPS using the hashtag #TitleMeK,” she said. “Can’t wait to hear what you all come up with!!!!!”

I’m trying to hold back with the obvious joke, but I just can’t: how about calling it Krap?

Now, I can’t tell if the sisters genuinely thought this would be a fun, or if they had no idea what to call the book and this is a desperation move. Which do you think? And what are your title suggestions?


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