Meghan McCain Lashes Back At Glenn Beck For Fat-Shaming

Dang it, Meghan McCain is really making me like her! The conservative up-and-comer visited “The Tonight Show” on Monday and spoke out about vile Glenn Beck, who devoted several minutes of barf noises on his radio show to fat-shaming McCain after she posed in a nude bodysuit for a skin cancer PSA. “No man will ever make me a victim, least of all Glenn Beck!” McCain said, wagging her finger in the air and laughing. You go, girl!She continued, “As much as I work in politics, I do a lot with women’s body image. This is a toxic message that’s being sent to young women about weight. I’m the average size. I’m very proud about my weight! I have loving parents and friends who have always loved me. … Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and this toxic message that is being sent, which is always being sent to me, and young women see it and they’re scared to speak out on politics because they’re scared they’re going to be told they’re too fat or whatever.” Also? “My dad was tortured in prison. He could totally kick [Glenn Beck’s] ass.” So true.


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