Been Feeling Over “Glee” Lately? Not So Fast!

During “Glee“‘s first season, I was a ginormous fan. I reveled in the show’s big musical numbers, had an incurable crush on Puck, and would never have considered watching it in anything but real time. This season, however, I’ve felt much less “Glee” obsess-y. Maybe it’s the fact that Sue Sylvester’s role has seemed downgraded. Maybe it’s the fact that the song choices seemed less spot on. Or that the concept just seemed less fresh. Or the horrendous decision New Directions made to write their own songs for competition rather than use iconic tunes—which, hello, singing along is why we’re watching in the first place.

But last night, before the season finale, I decided to watch the last five episodes—all of which have sat unviewed for weeks on my DVR—in a row. And you know what? I was pretty darn pleased. I thoroughly enjoyed the 90-minute “Born This Way” episode. I liked the battle over prom queen. I even liked the return of Holly Holiday and approved of her kissing Will Schuester goodbye to continue on her rolling stone way. More than anything, I like that leading up to the finale, the show got back to three of its original plot points—the Finn/Quinn/Rachel love triangle, the Will/Emma Pillsbury drama, and the glee club’s feud with Vocal Adrenaline.

In case you haven’t watched yet, I won’t go into the particulars of last night’s final episode. But I will say that the show has won me back. Even if New Directions didn’t make it to the finals at Nationals—something happened on stage that left me feeling very satisfied. And in the fall, I am excited to be a Gleek once more.

Oh, and on a total side note—I am obsessed with this jacket Lea Michele wore last night. Though I have a feeling I may be alone on that one.