Joe Gorga: The New Star Of “The Real Housewives Of New Jersey”

I was scared to watch the new season of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” sans Danielle Staub. I just didn’t think it could possibly be any fun without her and her delusional paranoia. Man, was I wrong. The first episode, which included a “West Side Story” style rumble at a Christening, made the episode where Staub’s weave got ripped out look like child’s play. And a new star emerged. Only he’s not a housewife — or even a woman for that matter. The cast member who will make this season of the “RHONJ” worth watching is Teresa Giudice’s younger brother, Joe Gorga. He and Teresa are at odds over their spouses and in competition for their aging father’s affection. In the first episode, the tension escalated until Joe Giudice and Joe Gorga came to blows at the Gorga’s baby’s Christening. All the other drunk guidos followed suit until most of the guests were rolling around on the ballroom floor. A bewildered guest observed very astutely in Italian: “They are animals.” But it didn’t stop there. In a fit of [drunken] passion and unparalleled narcissism, Joe Gorga runs to find his aging father to share his pain with him. He wailed like a five-year-old, “You’re my father, you’re my f**king father!” Slow clap. [Very reminiscent of Fredo in “The Godfather 2,” — Editor] What a performance by Joe Gorga. Danielle Staub, who?