Britta Hanson: May The Newest Palin Turn Out Better Than Levi Johnston

Gotta love a bride who wears blue jeans and pearls on her wedding day, right? Of course I am referring to Britta Hanson, 21, the new wife of Track Palin. Last Friday, we saw Britta and Track’s wedding photos. Today, we get lots more information on the newest member of the Palin clan. Not only is Britta the daughter of a preacher man—her dad is the pastor at Wasilla’s Good Shepherd Lutheran Church—she’s also tight with several other members of the Palin family. Last year, Bristol Palin called her “roomie”—the two shared a condo in Anchorage when Bristol was “scared to live by myself.” And Britta also worked for Sarah—she was the executive secretary at Alaska’s office of the governor from 2008 through this year.

Plus, Britta sounds like one of those girls who is good at everything. In addition to being a star soccer player at Wasilla High School, she also played Elizabeth Bennet in a local staging of “Pride and Prejudice.” But she doesn’t have any Hollywood aspirations—she is now a nursing student at the University of Alaska who plans to work in a local hospital when she graduates.

Kinda sounds like Track picked himself a good one, doesn’t it? Here’s hoping she doesn’t pull a Levi Johnston. I bet Playboy’s offer to her will have a lot of zeros. [People]