Style Stealer: Yikes Stripes!

Before you say, but Julie, I don’t WANT to steal this 1970’s model’s look: I know. It’s bright, it’s stripe-y, it’s slightly jarring to the corneas. But! There is something kind of cool and laidback and I-spend-my-summers-in-Mallorca about it, too. I’ve decided to update the look for the 2010s by toning down the color palette and giving it more of a nautical feel. I think you’ll approve.

  • Max Studio Jumpsuit $38
  • Collarless Denim Jacket, $73.86
  • Annie Odessa Wedge Sandal, 19.95
  • Madewell Colorblock Chain Cuff, $12.99
  • Betsey Johnson in the Navy Earrings, $21