A Few Of My Favorite Things: Christina From Second Skin Style

Beautiful Christina of the blog Second Skin Style uses her fashion site as “a little collection of my thoughts and outfits,” she explains. Her style is thrift store-eclectic. “I see patterns in everything and tend to think that in the end it all makes sense.” Lately, she says, “I’ve been feeling very hedonistic, and if you think about it, the winter months sort of bring that drive out in people. The cold makes it easy to justify a little pleasure seeking! I am trying to stay grounded though and not get too self-indulgent, but there are a few things I allow myself to dip into with abandon.” Check out Christina’s guilty pleasures after the jump!

Christina’s Favorite Things
Synchronicity: A concept first described by Carl Jung to explain why seemingly coincidental things can happen simultaneously, creating a very meaningful occurrence. Things like this happen to me all the time and make the hair on my back (not that I have a ton of it or anything) stick straight up. I think Synchronicity is living proof of grace. I have been reading like mad about this concept and its lead me to some interesting discoveries.
Anything cream-colored or crocheted: This stuff may as well be gold in my opinion. I have been stockpiling and hoarding it for years now but have only recently seen its true potential. Now I just want to wear it every day, layered and worn all at once. Slouchy and slightly see-through peek-a-boo pieces are my favorites.
Egon Schiele: An Austrian Expressionist painter from the early 1900s. If I ever got a tattoo it would be a miniature version of one of his sketches. I have to say, I have been thinking about tattoos a little more than usual these days. I can never grow tired of the gestural nature of his work. Hmmmm.
Hats: I love them on men and women. I love wearing them (almost every day) and I love how they make every outfit special while concealing the fact that I have not brushed my hair. They make anything rumpled feel fresh. Hats are magical
Sunlight: True manna from heaven. The sweetest nectar of life. I could eat it up all day long (if I allowed myself to). It’s the one thing I know is not so good for me in excess, but a vice I can’t seem to give up. To get me through colder months I have been napping in my sunny window seats. It feels SO good. I miss summer.