15 Most Memorable Actresses From Woody Allen Movies

In a 45-year career that’s been filled with screwball comedies, touching love stories and the occasional serious drama, there’s one thing that’s been a constant in Woody Allen’s filmography: his love for the ladies.

“My heart is in it more when I’m writing for women,” Allen said once in an interview, and he’s certainly given us some of the most memorable female characters in movie history. (Credit must also be given to Allen’s longtime casting director Juliet Taylor.)

Often starring opposite a neurotic schlub (played by Allen until recently), the Allen female character knows how to deliver a joke, exudes sexuality, and amidst adultery, arguments and other relationship problems is almost always clearer on what she wants than her male counterpart. Allen’s latest film, “Midnight in Paris” (his 41st!), which opened this year’s Cannes Film Festival and will be released stateside this weekend, the newest on-screen incarnation of Allen, Owen Wilson, is torn between two women (and two eras). Inspired by the beauty of Paris while on vacation, Gil (Wilson) must decide if he still wants to marry his hottie fiancée (Rachel McAdams) or run away with a French beauty (Marion Cotillard) he met after magically being swept back to the 1920s.

Following Allen’s nostalgic state of mind, we decided to look back on our favorite actresses from his films. Here are 15 with whom we’d love to have a rendezvous in the City of Light. Read more…