Nicki Minaj Is Principal For A Day While Lady Gaga Becomes Editor For A Day. What’s Next?

Earlier this week, Lady Gaga became editor-in-chief of London’s Metro newspaper for a day, because wearing jeweled nipple tassels is as essential to an editor’s job as being able to wield a red pen and fix a serial comma. Today, I hear that Nicki Minaj became principal for a day at Collins Academy High School in Chicago when the school won the Get MotivatED contest for attendance. Nicki got the honor of giving three students scholarship checks—very cool—but I’m not so sure how she handled any students who might have gotten sent to her office for bad behavior. Maybe rather than detention, she made them wear an extra heavy Marge Simpson wig? [USA Today]

Now, I get these “______ for a day” gigs.They drum up publicity, make a celebrity feel good and we can be assured that they can’t do anything catastrophic because only so much can happen in 24 hours. But I’m not sure how I feel about this phenomenon of giving a celebrity a post that they’re totally not qualified for, even for a short time. What’s next—Justin Bieber becomes the chief of a nuclear power plant for a day? 50 Cent becomes the secretary of the US Treasury for a day? I mean, where will it end?

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