What I Almost Did For A New Pair Of Shoes

I have a shoe problem. I admit this. I inherited it from my mother, who hits the Macy’s shoe department as if it’s the bread aisle at Safeway the day before a tornado. So nine months ago, when I saw the Julian Louie for Aldo collaboration on the runway during New York fashion week, I kind of had a freak out. I watched and waited, and then, okay, I kind of forgot about them. And so I was devastated when I found out the first run of the fairly affordable ikat-print shoes ($125 a pair) were sold out. I posted something on Facebook decrying my carelessness, and asking the shoe gods to bestow a pair of the Sobeslava shoes on me. A former coworker at an old job contacted me with a proposition: He had a hookup and could get a pair for me … if I wouldn’t mind making some videos of myself wearing them. I seriously considered it. Could I be somebody’s shoe fetish model in exchange for a pair of shoes I really, really wanted? My mom might disapprove. Or would she? I mean, this was for shoes.

But then I realized, I’m a grown-ass independent woman. I could buy my own damn shoes. And I could wait until Aldo made more so I could buy them myself — with cash. A new round of the Sobeslava’s was coming out in another couple of weeks, and I exercised all of my patience and waited for them. They immediately sold out again, but I managed to order a pair in a store, to be shipped to my house. After three weeks, and numerous calls to Aldo’s French-Canadian customer service line, I got my babies today. I LOVE THEM, and they love my feet in a way no shoe fetishist could.

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