Ask The Man Panel: “Hoth Fashion At Its Finest”

Free People is selling these post-apocalyptic-style platforms for $198. A little steep, sure, but I’m kind of taken with them — I love crazy footwear and would totally wear these with black tights and a summer dress. Wondering what guys think about strange shoes? Read on for reactions from our awesome Man Panel…
Alec, 26: Thank God. Burlap technology has really been lagging these last 500 years.

Damien, 34: Hoth fashion at its finest.

Henry, 27: I would totally buy those. They halve the maximum damage you can incur during melee combat.

Scott, 26: These platforms were meant for playing warm-weather footsy. If a woman can get all that canvas and belt buckle against a guy’s bare leg, then he will be chomping at the bit to get at her ankles.

Nick, 25: Is it just that designers aren’t trying anymore, or are they really just out of ideas? I mean, the bottom looks like a woodworker messed up a design, shrugged and said, “Hmm, shoes?”

Kyle, 22: Modern Maid Marian status. Or MMMS for short.

Paul, 31: Oh, c’mon! Those boots aren’t even trying! Someone just knocked some burlap scraps onto their feet and then belted them in place. With lots of very manly belts. If you can prove to me that it’s possible to walk 10 feet without those falling apart, I’ll buy a pair. And eat them.

Doug, 23: These shoes kind of look like you could have stapled them together, but I like them.

Adam, 35: It looks like she kicked apart a hobbit camp.