10 Things We Hope Will Happen On The Final Episodes Of “Oprah”

I cannot believe that “The Oprah Show” is coming to an end next week. Seriously, I’ve been watching since I was, like, eight and I always thought I’d make it onto her couch. I guess it’s time to let that dream go. Sigh. After 25 seasons, the Big O is filming her final three episodes. Insiders say the final shows will be over-the-top, star-studded extravaganzas. Like we would expect anything less. Celebs like Madonna, Maria Shriver, Beyonce, Barack Obama, Tom Cruise, and Katie Holmes are set to appear. God only knows kind of tomfoolery will go down. [Powerwall]

After the jump, 10 moments I’m hoping for on Oprah’s final episodes.

  1. Oprah dances backup for Beyonce. Jay-Z enters in the middle of the set. They all perform together and initiate Oprah into the Illuminati.
  2. Oprah apologizes to James Frey for overreacting about his well-written book, A Million Little Pieces. James Frey apologizes for not including an author’s note in the foreword stating that some of the events have been fictionalized. They shake on it and bury the hatchet.
  3. Kirstie Alley comes out in a bikini … again.
  4. Maria Shriver pops in to open up about Arnold’s love child (or children).
  5. Tom and Katie “couch hop” as a married couple.
  6. Oprah and Gayle embark on an even bigger adventure when they kiss in front of the audience … with tongue.
  7. Oprah was a guest on “30 Rock,” so it only makes sense that Tina Fey would be a guest on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”
  8. Barack Obama appears to help Oprah announce her intentions to run for president in 2016.
  9. A group of unsuspecting guests get new cars. No, scrap that. She needs to up the ante. New airplanes? Or yachts?
  10. Prince William and Kate Middleton, fresh from their honeymoon in the Seychelles, stop by to do their first interview as a married couple. Oprah lets Fergie sit in, but only if she’s sober.

What do you hope will happen in Oprah’s final moments?

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