Yale Suspends Delta Kappa Episilon Frat Over Sexist Chants

Yale University has suspended the Delta Kappa Epsilon frat from campus for five years for an October 13th incident (captured on audio) when pledges marched outside freshman dorms chanting “No means yes! Yes means anal!” According to an email sent by the Yale College Dean on Tuesday afternoon, the school found that the actions of DKE, who are not an official campus organization, “threatened and intimidated others,” which violates the school’s Undergraduate Regulations. Individual frat members have been punished, although Yale wouldn’t disclose how because of confidentiality agreements. Two months ago, 16 students and alumni filed a Title IX complaint against Yale, alleging the school hushed up sexual assaults on campus and allowed a hostile environment towards women to thrive. The October DKE pledge incident was cited as an example. Following the formal complaint filed to the U.S. Office of Civil Rights, Yale’s president formed a committee to investigate the handling — or mishandling, as it were — of sexual misconduct at the school.

Will this send a clear message to the fraternities — which are not all, but some, which is too many — who use intimidation and sexually aggressive or coercive behavior to flaunt their big dicks on campuses? I can only hope so.

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