An Imagined Conversation With This Sulky Model

Me: Hey now, what’s the matter?

Model: Nothing. It’s nothing.

Me: Oh come on, you can tell me. Model: Well, it’s just …I feel like a fraud.

Me: Why?

Model: See these pants I’m wearing?

Me: The skintight high-waisted bright yellow jeans? Of course. They look amazing on you, by the way.

Model: That’s just it. They look amazing on me, but they would look horrifically bad on anybody else. Horrific!

Me: Hmm … this is true.

Model: And here I am advertising them to the world as a viable clothing option! I’m a fraud.

Me: Awww, cheer up. You wanna know what I think about skintight high-waisted bright yellow jeans?

Model: What?

Me: I think if you can pull them off, then it’s your responsibility to wear them with pride! For example, I look good in gigantic furry hats, so I try to wear them as often as possible.

Model: Is that why you’re wearing one now, even though it’s mid-May?

Me: Yep. Gotta practice what I preach, even if it makes my head really sweaty.

Model: I feel better now.