All Up In The Upfronts: The Shows We’re Most Excited For, Part 3

Most networks want their own day for their upfront. But others don’t need to be queen for a full 24 hours—thus, Wednesday has become a catch-all day for presentations, which is strange because Friday appears to be wide open. Not only did CBS announce their fall television lineups this morning—TBS and TNT took their turns, too. And not to be left out in the cold, SyFy announced that they’ve picked up a new series, too. After the jump, the shows announced today that have me giddy to press the record button.

The Show: “Unforgettable”
The Deets: CBS, Tuesdays at 10 p.m. (EST)
Wow, CBS sure likes cop shows. They’ve got a zillion of them on their lineup, and are adding a few more new ones. Luckily, “Unforgettable” looks pretty darn interesting. It’s about a lady detective with a memory so amazing that she literally cannot forget things. Well, except the clues that would lead her to her sister’s killer. Inconvenient!

The Show: “Lost Girl”
The Deets: SyFy, To Be Determined
We’ve reached the vampire show saturation point. But one about succubi? Bring it on. This series, already a hit in Canada, is about a woman who accidentally kills her first boyfriend when they try to bone. She goes on to learn that she is a sucubus who feeds on human sexuality and has to decide whether to use her powers for good or evil.

The Show: “2 Broke Girls”
The Deets: CBS, Mondays at 8:30 p.m. (EST)
Sort of like an “Odd Couple” for ladies, “2 Broke Girls” is about a pair of diner waitresses—one with attitude and one with pedigree—who decide to team up and start a cupcake business. Sounds a little lame, but it’s executive produced by Michael Patrick King of “Sex and the City” and Whitney Cummings of “Chelsea Lately” (and a Frisky fangirl), plus it stars Kat Dennings, which gives us high hopes.

The Show: “Falling Skies”
The Deets: TNT, To Be Determined
Steven Spielberg, on the small screen? Yep, just as we get primed for the release of “Super 8,” the man also brings us this new series about humans fighting back against alien invasion, starring the adorable Noah Wylie.

The Show: “The Wedding Band”
The Deets: TBS, To Be Determined
Wait, is that Brian Austin Green? And Michael from “Lost”? Yeah, I’m pretty excited about this series about four buds with musical dreams who are biding their time playing weddings and bar mitzvahs. I’d like to request “Free Bird.”