We Have Entered The Golden Age Of “Gossip Girl”

Last night, during the season four finale of “Gossip Girl,” Cecily von Ziegesar, the author of the books the show is based on, made a surprise appearance—Headmistress Queller introduced her to Serena van deer Woodsen as they brushed past each other at an alumni benefit. I believe this was the perfect time for Cecily to make a cameo, since “Gossip Girl” has gotten really, really good the past few episodes. Why? Finally, the show’s spotlight isn’t shining on Serena and one of the 98,000 paramours she’s had on the show—in fact, she’s single at the moment. The action is about Blair and Chuck, who I have always thought are the most interesting characters on the show, hands down. (If you haven’t watched yet, SPOILER ALERT.) In last night’s episode, after Chuck and Raina save her from being incinerated by Russell Thorpe, Chuck convinces Blair to join him for a drink, even though she should be meeting Prince Louis at the benefit and sealing their engagement. Instead, she and Chuck crash a bar mitzvah, and in one of the sweetest moments on the show ever, grasp hands as they’re lifted in chairs during the hora. They end up boning in a posh bathroom.

“The great loves are the crazy ones,” says Blair as they head to find the Prince, with Blair intending to ends things with him. But when Chuck sees that the Prince has waited for her all night and still believes she is coming, he has a change of heart and stops Blair. “It’s not about the great love, it’s about the right love,” he says, realizing for the first time that he is truly toxic. “I left the Empire State Building in two minutes when you didn’t show. Louis waited all night.” Blair makes the right choice—the Prince.

Most shows deliver a cliffhanger in the form of unresolved action. The gun fires and … cut to black. So-and-so is shown on the ground … and are they dead? You have to wait to find out. “Gossip Girl”—and I believe this is the second time they’ve done this—takes a slightly different approach. They resolve all the threads of action that have been wound up during the season. We see Blair make her choice between the Prince and Chuck. We see that Serena’s cousin Charlie doesn’t jump out a window. We see Serena apologize to Dan and Nate for never having chosen between them. All the ends are tied up, and then in the last minutes they flash forward, almost starting the new season.

In this flash forward, Vanessa takes Dan’s novel, a satire of the Upper East Side that he started writing before he and Serena as much as spoke, to a publisher without his knowledge. Serena lands a job consulting with David O. Russell on a film after flirting with a cute guy reading a book. (Boo. Did I mention how over Serena I am?) Charlie arrives back in Miami, where she is greeted by Lilly’s sister. Only we find out that her name is actually Ivy and that she isn’t a relative—she was simply hired to steal Van Der Woodsen checkbooks. And the final wowzer—our beloved Dorota empties a wastepaper basket in Blair’s bathroom that contains a positive pregnancy test.

Oh man, I cannot wait for next season. Kudos, “Gossip Girls” writers. You got me back on the wagon.