Today’s Lady News: NYPD Cops Deny Raping Drunk Woman

  • The closing argument by the defense in the trial of two NYPD police officers — one who is accused of raping a drunk East Village woman while his partner napped — gives me the skeevies. You can read all about the case here. In the closing arguments, the lawyers for Officers Kenneth Moreno and Franklin Mata insinuated the alleged victim was a golddigger because she’s seeking a $57 million settlement. “Fifty-seven million — that’s a lot of money,” lawyer Edward Mandery said. “She knows she may never have to work for the rest of her life.” He also called into question the victim’s testimony: she remembers being penetrated from behind, but she was in and out of consciousness while the alleged rape happened. “It’s very dangerous to rely upon the testimony of someone who doesn’t have a clear memory, who doesn’t have an accurate memory,” Mandery said. While I understand the lawyer’s point (and understand his lawyerly reasons for making that point), I friggin’ hate how he is casting doubt on the alleged rape victims story. Rape victims struggle hard enough already to be taken seriously. [Village Voice]

  • Kansas’ governor signed legislation on Monday which forbids doctors from administering RU-486, the abortion pill, to women via telemedicine. As Kansas is a large state and the abortion clinics are few and far between, Kansas abortion providers were consulting with patients on the Internet about RU-486 and prescribing the pill. Now those women will have to travel to get the abortion pill in person. []
  • Fifteen OB-GYNs in South Florida have admitted to turning away women who are overweight — even introducing weight cut-offs at 200 lbs. — because their clinic equipment cannot bear the heavier weight. Medical ethicists call the practice of turning away women because of their weight disturbing. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Bertha Lewis, the former president of ACORN, the community-organizing group that shuttered after undercover stings by conservative activists revealed possible voter registration fraud, has founded a new think tank. [The Root]
  • The Women’s Tennis Association released this great PSA for their “Strong Is Beautiful” campaign — I like it! [ONTD]
  • Disney princesses, reconfigured as badass tough girls! The Mary Sue]


  • The International Criminal Court out of The Hague, Netherlands, announced it will investigate the alleged practice of women being gang-raped at security checkpoints throughout Libya. [CNN]
  • A study of Germany’s top 100 companies found that not a single one had a female CEO and women comprised only 2.2 percent of all executive boards. [NPR]
  • Two British women vacationing in St. Lucia in the Caribbean were allegedly gang-raped by six men while camping on the beach. [Daily Mail UK]
  • A Nigerian man who has 107 wives (but only lives with 86 of them) says the angel Gabriel visited him back in the 1970s and told him to marry this many women. Otherwise he would have just married two. Okay! [Black Voices]