Quickies: Meet Arnold’s (Rumored) Love Child & Carla Bruni Is Pregnant

Jessica Wakeman | May 17, 2011 - 7:00 pm
  • Meet the alleged child whom Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered out of wedlock, Tanner Tousignant, who graduated from high school in California last year. Tanner’s mother, Tammy Tousignant, was a stewardess on Arnold’s private jet for 20 years and friends and colleagues of hers say the pair carried on a romance for years. Both 19-year-old Tanner and Tammy deny Arnold’s paternity, although Gawker has compellingly connected the dots to indicate that might not be the truth. [Gawker]
  • And here’s a timeline of Arnold’s sex scandal history, dating all the way back to the ’80s. Bleak. [Shine]
  • If I don’t have anything nice to say about the jewelry collection Mondo Guerra from “Project Runway” has made, I won’t say anything at all. [The Cut]

  • French First Lady and actress/singer/model Carla Bruni is, in fact, pregnant! The father of French president Nicholas Sarkozy spilled the beans to a German newspaper, although everyone had already assumed she was knocked up when she was seen shopping for maternity clothes at H&M. [Styleite, Styleite]
  • Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly had it out with each other over rapper Common’s controversial recent poetry reading at the White House. Why does Bill O’Reilly keep agreeing to do these when he gets his ass handed to him on a plate? [ONTD]
  • Tim Burton won’t be working on “Maleficent,” a film about the villian in “Sleeping Beauty,” in which Angelina Jolie will reportedly star. [The Mary Sue]
  • Apparently it’s news that January Jones has tried therapy? [US Weekly]
  • Breaking news: the secret to Pippa Middleton’s great butt is pilates. [Daily Mail UK]
  • Maria Shriver will be one of the guests on Oprah’s last show and the Big O reportedly wants Maria to host a talk show on her OWN network. [TMZ]
  • Anna Wintour filmed a PSA in support of gay marriage. [Styleite]
  • Kelly Cutrone as a lifestyle guru? That’s such a bats**t insane idea it might just work. Journalist Marisa Meltzer spent a week with “Kell On Earth”‘s Kelly Cutrone, author of the new advice book Normal Gets You Nowhere, and the consensus is that Kelly is better than therapy. [The Daily]
  • Taylor Swift: defending her taste in men. (John Mayer? Come on, Taylor, everyone saw that one coming from a mile away.) [Celebuzz]
  • Fourteen-year-old actress Hailee Steinfeld has signed on as the face of Miu Miu. Is that Miu Miu’s way of saying their clothing will only fit someone the size of a high school sophomore? [Flare]
  • Model Lindsay Wixson let a CNN camera crew tag along to her prom in Wichita, Kansas. [CNN]
  • Weaves are getting jacked from hair salons across the nation. Well, no wonder. That stuff is expensive. [Styleite]