Danielle Staub Signs A Contract With Scores

There was a moment on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” last year where Danielle Staub takes a few friends to a pole dancing class. The auspice of this activity was that she felt so violated about the release of her sex tape that she needed to do something to feel good again. She played shy at first, but as the scene progressed it became increasingly clear that Danielle was not at all feeling self-conscious or out-of-control of her sexuality. In fact, she took the opportunity to show of some of her former professional moves, including going spread eagle while staring down the male friends she brought to watch. “Always engage,” she said, taking over for the teacher, “And then suggest.” Shy? Please.

Well, apparently Danielle’s pole confidence has led to a new career. Danielle has now signed a three-year contract with Scores Gentleman’s Club in New York.The deal is for her to take it all off occasionally on ScoresLive.com and to do one live appearance at the club. TMZ naturally screen-grabbed images of her first website appearance. And yep, it appears that she gets pretty darn naked.

I should also probably mention that Scores is the place where she held her 48th birthday party. Glad to hear that they’ve got a good relationship going. [TMZ]

UPDATE: Danielle says that she was encouraged to take this Scores gig by former handlers, but has now quit. “I have addictions with love and low self-esteem, and I need help!” she says. “My low self-esteem derived from childhood sexual abuse has messed with my mind and self-worth, and over the years I thought about getting help but pushed it deep into the depths of denial. Seeing how I have hurt myself and my family this time, I can no longer push it behind me.” Good to hear. Even if I have a sneaking suspicion this sudden turnabout was about getting an article in People.

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