And The Prize Goes To … The Perfect Ladies’ Night Out!

A little over a week ago, to celebrate the hilarious lady-centric movie “Bridesmaids,” I asked you to share your ideal ladies’ night out scenario — the commenter with the most entertaining and unique answer would win a “Bridesmaids” Survival Kit and a $100 Cash Card. Though all of your ideas sound like a blast — and I am awaiting my invites — I had to pick one winner. And the prize goes to …Congratulations RiffRaff! Here is the winning comment:

Two words: laser tag. A little unconventional? Sure. But c’mon… laser tag is an AWESOME way to start a girls’ evening. (Paintball okay too, but you probably don’t want to have to deal with those bruises when you go out. Other less physical optional pre-game activities – bead bracelet making, chocolate martini making).

Loser buys the first round of drinks. I find it also amusing to have a dare they must adhere to. (One of my friends had to fake a Venezuelan alter-ego for the evening. She actually was doing pretty well until we ran into some actual South Americans…). After an hour or so of primping to a healthy dose of our good friends, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Beyonce, and Jack Daniels, it’s off we go.

It wouldn’t be ladies’ night without dancing, so we’ll hit up the clubs next. The more ridiculous your dance moves, the more chutzpah points you get. And, as several other posters mentioned, no allowing husbands/boyfriends/crushes take over the evening! Just harmless flirting with cute strangers.

Finally, after a drunken pit-stop at our fave greasy hamburger diner, we go back to one of the girls’ places, get changed into comfy pajamas, and recap the evening, with copious amounts of pictures/video and inside jokes. My friends and I – dead serious here – sometimes will even compose short limericks to help us remember the evening. Pass out, repeat in another couple weeks.

As my good friend Barney Stinson says, ladies’ night is legen-waitforit- DARY.