Tyra Banks Critiques Tiny Hat Models

Professional models don’t get to choose what they model, but they do have to model through it no matter what. Even if what they’re contracted to wear happens to be a ridiculous tiny hat, say. “America’s Next Top Model” creator and host Tyra Banks knows this, and she frequently chastises her model-testants for not putting their all into their photos. We thought TyTy might have something to say to these tiny hat models, so we phoned her up to get her professional opinions on these tiny hat shots. First up, Erica, sporting this Kentucky Dainty Hair Clip ($15.99, Modcloth).

Tyra Says: I feel a sadness in your eyes that doesn’t connect me with the photo. More smizing, less dreckitude!

After the jump, Tyra critiques more tiny hat models.
Tyra Says: Mr. J said you were having trouble taking direction on the shoot. Remember that ultimately your job is to sell the tiny hat, not to make funny faces. You’re up for elimination! [$34.99, Modcloth]

Tyra Says: Girl, you are a little too hoochie in your tiny hat. Just remember, this is high-fashion tiny party hat. You’re giving me men’s magazine tiny party hat. [$24.99, Fred Flare]

Tyra Says: Your expression says, “I’m not feeling the essence of my tiny hat.” I don’t really see enough of you in this tiny party hat shoot. [$13.99, Modcloth]