The Frisky’s Underwear Expert Answers All Your Burning Bra Questions

Underwear is a funny little mystifying thing we all wear but hardly ever talk about. That was pretty true for me, too, until I had drinks (lots of drinks) with one of the panty geniuses over at Freshpair. The girl knows her thongs from her bikini briefs and she is sweet as pie. Brianna’s going to help us answer all your pressing bra and underwear questions, and offer helpful suggestions on the best undergarments for your body. After the jump, Brianna answers a couple questions from Frisky staffers. If you’ve {encode=”[email protected]” title=”got a question”} for Brianna, we’ll be happy to send it along! Q: Thanks to being back on the pill, my right tit is decidedly bigger than my left. What the hell do I do about that, bra-wise?

A: While all women are created equal, all breasts are not–and when that fact manifests itself on your chest, what do you do? You have two options: Try a bra with removable inserts or cookies (which is a cute name given to such enhancement pads). Simply leave the cookie only in the cup that needs the adjustment and voila! Padded perfection. The other option is to go with a molded contour bra. The cups are lined with thin foam padding that holds its shape, giving the illusion that whatever is underneath is also even-steven. This is probably the easier way. Check out a slew of options here.

Q: How often do you REALLY have to wash your bras?

A: That depends on how often you like to walk around in your own sweat. Your bra, in a sense, is always on the front line. It’s in constant contact with your skin, collecting oils, dead skin cells and sweat. Anyway, the official rule for laundering your bras gives you two wearings, but not two days in a row. Every bra needs a day off. This day of rest gives the elastic a chance to regain its shape, which will also help to extend the life of your bra. Also remember to wash your bras only in cold water and never, never, never throw them in the dryer.

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