All Up In The Upfronts: The Fall TV Shows We’re Pumped For, Part 1

My dear readers, I have a confession to make: my name is Kate and I am a television addict. Even though my living room is less than 200 square feet, I have a 40-inch television. On Friday night, I briefly considered canceling my birthday party because I’d accidentally scheduled it for the same time as the series finale of “Smallville.” And truth be told, I am looking forward to the return of “True Blood” this summer as much as I am going to the beach. See, I love television. And yes, I would marry it if I could.

For my fellow television enthusiasts out there, this is a big week. This week, the major networks are holding their upfronts, grand events—think big presentations and musical numbers—during which they unveil their lineups for the fall and winter. NBC and Fox upfronts are today. ABC presents on Tuesday. CBS is Wednesday. And The CW takes their turn on Thursday. For advertisers, this is how they decide when they’d like to run commercials. For the press, it’s time to get the lowdown on what’s coming down the pipeline. And for television addicts, it’s a big old tease since most people won’t be able to actually watch the new shows until September. But who cares? It’s still like being able to see into the television future! So, every day this week, I’ll be bringing you five new shows that have me a tad bit giddy. Check out today’s offerings after the jump.

The Show: “The Playboy Club”
The Deets: NBC, Mondays at 10 p.m. (EST)
“The Playboy Club” is NBC’s answer to “Mad Men.” Set in the ’60s, it focuses on Nick Dalton, a dapper Playboy Club regular who likes his drinks on the rocks and his women with bunny ears. He also happens to be a candidate for Chicago district attorney who used to work for the mob. Oh, and did we mention that he’s played by hot Mr. LeAnn Rimes Eddie Cibrian?

The Show: “Are You There, Vodka?”
The Deets: NBC, To Be Determined
Oh, how I have missed Laura Prepon of “That ’70s Show.” Thank goodness she’s back in this new comedy based on the book by Chelsea Handler. The best part — Chelsea herself plays Laura’s pregnant older sister.

The Show: “Grimm”
The Deets: NBC, Fridays at 9 p.m. (EST)
Fairy tales are all the rage these days, so it’s fitting that NBC’s new police procedural is based on them. In this new series, detective Nick Burkhardt starts seeing crimes that, well, make no sense. Until a relative tells him that he is a “Grimm,” a group of hunters that must keep supernatural crimes under check. Notice the Little Red Riding Hood theme in the preview.

The Show: “New Girl”
The Deets: Fox, Tuesdays, 9 p.m. (EST)
Hello, people! This is the Zooey Deschanel show. In it, she plays Jess, a girl who moves in with three guy roommates after a bad breakup. Oh, and this one is written by Liz Meriwether, the 30-year-old who penned “No Strings Attached” and is a part of Diablo Cody’s “Fempire” screenwriter circle.

The Show: “Touch”
The Deets: To Be Determined
“Touch” looks kind of like it will be “Heroes” meets “24.” Well, at least because it’s written and created by Tim Kring, the mastermind behind the former, and stars Kiefer Sutherland, the powerhouse of the later. In this one, Kiefer plays a single father with a special needs child who begins to see strange connections between himself and others in the world. Fun.