Why She Didn’t Call You Back

You know how it goes: You met a smoking hot girl you really like. The chemistry was off the charts (well, according to you), she seemed totally into you too when she gave you her digits, you called her to go out sometime, and then she never returned your call. Was it the broccoli in your teeth? Did you have stinky pits? It could be one of those reasons, but chances are it’s something a little less forgiving. So why didn’t she call you back?She Was Using You For A Drink: Women use men all the time to score a free drink, which is why you have to be careful when you’re buying them. The party girl who’s out with her friends is likely to be using you. Alternatively, the calm, centered woman who’s having a real conversation with you is less likely to want to use you. So don’t go buying drinks for every hot girl you see. Wait to see if she’s actually interested, touching your arm, listening to what you’re saying, and mirroring your body language before you pony up. You’ll avoid feeling like a chump later, and you won’t be questioning why she didn’t call you back. Read more…

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