Sursmize! “America’s Next Top Model All-Stars” Picks Its Cast

It’s hard to believe that “America’s Next Top Model” has been around for 16 cycles. If there were 13 girls a season (and I’m pretty sure that many seasons had 14) that makes 208 wannabe models on the show whose names we learned, faces we dissected, and breakdowns we reveled in. So it’s fitting that the next season will be “America’s Next Top Model All-Stars.” In other words, there will be no new perfectly symmetrical faces. The cast will be comprised of the girls you loved and the ones you loved to hate in seasons past, each hoping to win the title and its prizes the second time around.

Slowly, we’re starting to get information on who is joining cast. Unfortunately some of are favorites are not on the list. Jade tweeted, “I declined #ANTM cycle 17 immensely because my contract was completely Bogus and one sided! These girl’s just signed there Rights and Life away!” But we’re still overall pleased. After the jump, the rumored new cast.

  • Shannon, the All-American blonde runner-up in cycle one who wouldn’t take off her clothes for a shoot.
  • Camille, the tough girl from cycle two who was convinced her signature walk was going to make her famous.
  • Brittany the brunette party girl from cycle four who the judges called “Janice’s baby sister.”
  • Bre, the wild-haired New Yorker from cycle five who lost it over some granola bars.
  • Lisa, aka the drunk from cycle five.
  • Bianca, the stunner with close cropped hair who was quick to the fight in cycle nine.
  • Dominique, the workout obsessed girl in cycle 10.
  • Isis, the show’s transgender contestant in cycle 11.
  • Sheena, who dreamed of being the first Asian supermodel that same season.
  • Allison, the one with the blood fetish in cycle 12.
  • Laura, the sweet Southern girl from cycle 13 whose grandmother sewed all her clothes.
  • Kayla the red headed lesbian who was scared to kiss a boy in cycle 15.
  • Alexandria the California girl everyone hated on in the most recent cycle.