Ashton Kutcher To Replace Charlie Sheen On “Two And A Half Men”

With Charlie Sheen out at “Two and a Half Men,” everyone’s been wondering who producers will hire to replace him on the insanely popular TV show. Well, I haven’t been wondering because I think that show is garbage, but this isn’t about me. Sheen was apparently in favor of his pal Rob Lowe stepping in. Hugh Grant was rumored to be up for the role, but negotiations “broke down” at the last minute. Well, it looks like a replacement has been found and it’s … Ashton Kutcher?
Yesterday, Ashton posted this not-so-cryptic tweet — the answer is, duh, 2.5 — and Broadcasting & Cable reported that his name had been brought up as a possible replacement. Then last night, The Hollywood Reporter said that a deal with Kutcher is “all but signed.” Apparently, creator Chuck Lorre has written an introduction for Kutcher’s character — he won’t be playing Sheen’s role, obvs — that people will “love.”

I gotta say, I kind of think this is perfect. I am not a Kutcher fan, really. I don’t think he’s a compelling actor or particularly funny — therefore, I am personally happy to see him toil away on a show I don’t watch. But what do you think? What does Sheen think? I’m sure he’ll be sharing his view in 3 … 2 ….

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