The Situation’s Dad Is Shopping A Tell-All

Look at that. We have another celebrity parent tell-all in the works. Frank Sorrentino—pops to Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino of “Jersey Shore” fame—said that he is in the process of selling a book about his son. And it’s not going to be a nice one. “I’m calling Mike on his s***,” Frank wrote in a blog post. “I covered for Mike his entire life and when I needed his help he left me hanging.”

Here’s the thing: The Situation is kind of an open book. I mean, we already know that he will screw anything with a pulse if he has a drink in his hand. But Frank says there is much more dirt. For example…“Drugs, sex, crime elements, you name it.”

Well, I’m curious about the crimes part. Could Mike be the male Danielle Staub?

Mike is, of course, not pleased that his dad is shopping this book around. “Mike is extremely saddened by his estranged father’s actions,” a spokesperson said. “The Sorrentino family—Marc, Frank Jr., Melissa and their mother, Linda—remain united with Mike under these hurtful circumstances.”

Meanwhile, Frank’s agent thinks he’ll get six figures for the tome. Yikes.