Glenn Beck Calls “Naked” Meghan McCain Fat, Fake Barfs On Air, Suggests She Wear A Burqa

Glenn Beck’s gone on a juvenile, woman-shaming, fat-hating rant against Meghan McCain and it’s one of the most hurtful, sexist things I’ve ever heard in my life. Meghan appeared with a bunch of female celebs in a PSA about skin cancer, talking about being “naked” by not wearing sunscreen. Both of Meghan’s parents, John and Cindy McCain, have fought skin cancer. Meghan, Brandy, Danielle Fishel, and the other celebs all appear discreetly naked in the PSA, but are actually wearing flesh-colored body suits. It’s a pretty effective PSA and the kind of thing I’d rather see Meghan McCain use whatever influence she might have for rather than, say, taking dopey cheap shots at the president.

Glenn Beck is fat-hating sexist pig, however, and jumped all over Meghan to hate on her body. Glenn’s radio show devoted three-and-a-half minutes yesterday to an eye-rollingly puerile segment in which a bunch of guys fake-barf on air while they talk about Meghan naked. Every bit of this segment is disgusting — and not because of the fake upchuck noises.

Several different men are talking over each other, so it is difficult to tell by the audio alone which one is speaking. But this is the kind of crap they say:

“Has she thought about a burqa, just so she’s extra safe?”

“Try to imagine John McCain naked with long blonde hair.”

“I get the point … put some extra clothes on.” “Extra ones?” “Extra ones … like past the normal amount of clothes.”

That nastiness goes beyond the gentle teasing or ribbing you could expect any talk show/radio show host to make about the would-be First Daughter gettin’ down and nakey. Glenn Beck is straight-up trying to shame Meghan McCain for daring to speak up/strip down because she’s “fat” and, in his troglodytic opinion, therefore unworthy of our attention. (And seriously? She’s not even fat.)

In a show of maturity, Meghan McCain, responded to Glenn Beck in her column on The Daily Beast with some feminism-imbued dignity:

“You’re a full-grown man with teenage daughters who are probably dealing with the sexist, body-obsessed media environment that is difficult for all women. Is this really the legacy you want to be leaving for yourself?”

Calling a woman you don’t like “fat” or “ugly” is the favored insult of the weak-minded because, of course, it’s purely subjective and can’t be argued. Every female writer I know has been called fat or ugly just for writing unpopular opinions and it’s obviously a million times worse for women in the public eye, like Meghan. I may not agree with Meghan McCain (or her dad’s ex-running mate, Sarah Palin) about much, politics-wise. But we have something in common and so do our lame-brained critics: when you’ve got nothing else to say about a woman or her politics/arguments other than trash her appearance, that reflects more poorly on you than her.

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